Day 6 – Kanchipuraam

Day 6 – Kanchipuraam

First signs of Delhi Belly this morning, for all of us. Effective Immodium usage has stemmed the tide but for how long? There’s no way of knowing.
We faced a bit of a dilemma today, as we need to get the ‘shaw fixed, but to get it fixed in Dharmapuri would mean waiting until 9.30 when the mechanics open – another late start.
We decided to gamble and try to get through to Krishnagiri – 50 km away. This turned out to be the right idea as we made it by about 10 and took the ‘shaw to a garage.
The mechanics gave Kate a good servicing, tweaked the exhaust somehow and changed the engine oil. It took about 1 hour and cost just over 5 pounds.

It seemed to do the trick and we made some good distance, stopping in Vellore to check out the Golden Temple there – very impressive. We made a bit of a faux pas by trying to get in with our sandals on but were quickly shouted back!

A slight hiccup was missing the turning into Vellore, and then deciding to take a ‘U’ turn noto the other side of the highway.
In England on your average dual-carriageway you’ll have two lanes going each way, plus a hard shoulder on either side. Out of the 6 lanes, you’re allowed to drive on two.
In India, all 6 are fair game if you think you can make it – just beep and go!
We’re seeing some amazing road safety signs – personal favourites include ‘If Married, Divorce Speed’ and ‘Be Alert, Accident Hurt’.

We aimed for Kanchipuraam to stay, but a few K after leaving Vellore we started noticing some MEAN looking storm clouds ahead. A few minutes later it was monsoon-o-clock again – probably worse than the time before. Again I found myself in the middle, but this time even I took a mild spattering. The wind was insane and only got worse as we drove into the storm, heading for Kanchipuram. To add to the fun it was starting to get dark.

We were aiming for the Sri Balaji Residency, which our guide book said was the best place in town. After the usual cross-town madness we finally found it and checked in – the book probably bigged it up a bit!

After a little walk to get some food we retired to the room to watch House Of Wax – a masterclass in modern cinema featuring Paris Hilton in a career-defining role.

Distance Traveled – 260 k

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